TY Trip to Temple Accommodation Direct Provision Centre in Horseleap.

Recently the class of TY 1 in Moate Community School made a visit to the Temple Accommodation Direct Provision Centre in Horseleap as part of their Y.S.I. project. The class are completing their Young Social Innovators project on the situation of Asylum Seekers in Ireland. They are very thankful to the manageress Tanya Hennigan for the invitation and to the residents for hosting them so warmly.

When they arrived, the class were greeted by three of the residents who were from Georgia, Zimbabwe and Afghanistan. Each one spoke English quite well and shared their story in an informative and interesting way. They gave details from their background, their culture, why they came to Ireland and how much they appreciated the hospitality of Rosemount and of Irish people in general.

The class learned that there are 115 people living in the centre altogether. This includes 18 children who attend local primary and secondary schools. The TY students decided that it would be nice to bring Christmas gifts to them. They held a Bake Sale in their school and from the proceeds they purchased teddies, dolls, footballs and board games for the children.

The class were brought on a tour of some of the facilities in the centre open to the residents; which included a shop, a small gym and a communal kitchen, toy room, living room and dining room. To finish off a great experience Roisín O’Hara and Emily Ray played some Irish music to provide them with a taste of our culture.

Overall from this worthwhile experience, the students learned that these Asylum Seekers are just normal people who want to escape the difficulties of their home country, to contribute to Ireland and work and ultimately to just live normal lives. When the class finish their research, they plan to give awareness talks in the school on this issue. This worthwhile experience endeavours to encourage and foster compassion and understanding in the students of Moate Community school.