MCS Care Team Members 2023/2024

Tom Lowry (Principal) Carmel Mc Cormack (Deputy Principal)
Mairead O’ Brien (Yearhead) Sinead Neilan (Wellbeing Co-Ordinator)
Naomi Mc Cormack (Referral) Yvonne Prendergast (SPHE)
Olivia Norris (Student Voice) Una Ryan (SEN)
Emer Gilligan (SEN)


The Committee works together as a team and identifies and deals with issues as they may arise in relation to student and staff Pastoral Care.

The Care Team

The Care Team is a systematic approach to education which seeks to value the young person at every level. It involves a holistic approach creating an environment which enriches the lives of our students and staff.

The Care Team co-ordinator is Ms. Sinead Neilan. Ms. Neilan’s role is to ensure that the Team work together to ensure that both student and staff pastoral needs are met. The team will encourage communication among those who are involved in the areas of pastoral work such as: Special Education Needs, Referral, Yearheads, SPHE & Wellbeing and Student Council. The Care Team recognises that students may have different needs at different times. Therefore, a whole school, multi-component, preventative approach to wellbeing is the predominant aim of the Care Team.

Providing and monitoring materials that may be helpful in tutors & SPHE class.

Implementing & evaluating policies in areas such as bullying, wellbeing, critical incident plans etc.

Reviewing strategies for dealing with students with difficulties. They will work in collaboration with the school Referral Team & SEN

Co-ordinating general and specific wellbeing initiatives such as fundraisers, anti-bullying activities, school body surveys, links with local and external agencies, wellbeing week activities, integrating struggling students into daily school life.

Liaising with the Student Council body frequently & up-dating the school Wellbeing Noticeboard.

Regular addition of resources & wellbeing information via the school website.

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