The Role of the Chaplain in Moate Community School

Role of the Chaplain

The Chaplain focus at all times is the welfare of all individuals within the school community. The Chaplain is a spiritual guide, a faith friend and a supporter of others as they experience personal difficulties. In fulfilling this role, the Chaplain works closely with all staff, students, parents and agencies/groups/organisations within the community. By virtue of his/her role the chaplain is a friend to all and a source of support to all who need it.

Religious Education/Celebrations

The Chaplain has a teaching role within the school and works closely with the RE Department to identify and mark significant events in the school and liturgical calendar. The Chaplain will encourage the participation and involvement as many students and staff within the school in all religious celebrations. The Chaplain has an important role as a point of contact with local clergy and the Bishop as regards religious events and celebrations both inside and outside the school. Where possible the chaplain will offer students the opportunity to become leaders within the school eg. Eucharistic ministers course.

Ms. Aine Feeley, School Chaplain

The Chaplain and the students

The Chaplain will seek to get to know as many students as possible on a personal level. In many ways the Chaplain’s primary service is that of listener and supporter as students find their way through bereavement, family issues, stress, exams, loss, or illness, the Chaplain may be of particular help. Where necessary the Chaplain will seek the assistance and professional input of other staff within and outside the school (see Referral procedures).

The Chaplain also plays a pivotal role in the Transition of all students from Primary to Secondary school and will contact all National Schools of incoming first years prior to Christmas and after enrolment in the Spring. The Chaplain liaises where appropriate with the Special Education Department relating to students who need additional support.

The Chaplain and Management

The Chaplain will attend meetings weekly with the Principal / Deputy Principals, Career Guidance Counsellors, Yearheads and the Pastoral Care Coordinator. At these meetings a fuller picture of those students with discipline or personal difficulties can be ascertained while respecting the tenants of confidentiality. In conjunction with those present the Chaplain will seek the most positive outcome for the student involved.

The Chaplain and Staff

The Chaplain will be available to staff as a spiritual guide, Faith friend, personal supporter and encourage their contributions to the school. The Chaplain will also be available to offer support, advise or insight where appropriate in relation to the students emotional and physical well being. In return the Chaplain will seek the full co-operation of the staff in fulfilling his/her ministry in the school and welcomes their assistance. The Chaplain will by virtue of his/her role work more closely with the Guidance Counsellors, Year heads and the pastoral Care Coordinator. The importance of teamwork and a pooling of skill cannot be overemphasised. The Chaplain will make themselves available to the Business College when needed. The Chaplain and Parents As part of the service offered to students the Chaplain is available to meet parents in their home or in school and may offer them support at times of difficulty. The Chaplain will offer parents support and encouragement conscious at all times of issues of confidentiality.

Other Activities

  • The Chaplain will in conjunction with other staff encourage students to become involved in varied charitable activities.
  • The Chaplain will in conjunction with other staff encourage students to become involved in varied charitable activities.
  • The Chaplain will when required make contact with outside agencies ie. Social workers etc.
  • The Chaplain will co ordinate the Homework Club and lunch club.

Examples of Religious Celebrations/Services organised by the Chaplain in conjunction with the Religion Department in the School

  • All year groups attend mass in St. Patricks Church at the start of the school year
  • First year Mass
  • Memorial Mass
  • Retirement Mass (if applicable)
  • Advent Prayer services
  • Lenten Reflections
  • Confessions
  • Provision of Ashes on Ash Wednesday and Blessing of Throats on St. Blaise Day ( if in school )

Enquiries To:
Ms. Aine Feeley, Chaplain Moate Community School
Co. Westmeath
Phone: 090 6481350