Parents Association

Purpose & Aims

  • To facilitate and encourage the participation by parents in the life of the school.
  • To safeguard the rights and the legitimate aspirations and interests of parents and students.
  • To foster and promote an awareness and knowledge of education and of other issues, related to students among the parents.
  • To organise the collective support of the parents for the activities of the school and to support and provide assistance to the staff of the school.
  • To promote the development of the school as a focus of educational, social and cultural activity within the community.
Names of Parents Association:

Janet Owens, Peter Mandal, Mary McDonnell, Sharon Higgins-Hamm, Margaret Maloney, Caroline Bracken, Mairead Claffey, Majella Hamm, Cathy Gillivan, Susan Sheridan, Therese Kinahan-Sayeh, Irene Brennan, Rosemary Bradley, Joanne Lowry, Patricia Rabbitte, Majella Healy.

Membership of the Association

Membership of the Association shall consist of Ordinary and Honorary members. Each parent shall, so long as he or she remains a parent with a child in second level education, be entitled to Ordinary membership of the Association. Honorary membership may be conferred by resolution at any General Meeting. It shall terminate at the next Bi-annual General Meeting, but may then be renewed.  A Bi-annual General Meeting shall be held every second year.

The affairs of the Association shall be administered by an Executive Committee drawn from the members of the Association. The Committee meets every six weeks. Two members of the Association are elected as Parents’s Nominees to the School Board of Management every 3 years.

The committee is involved in working with the school on various issues which include:

  • Communications
  • Finance / Transport
  • Debs
  • Parent Support
  • Study Skills
  • Social
  • Talks for Parents
  • Uniform
  • Policies

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