How do we acknowledge students?

Honour Board
This is a Notice Board placed in a prominent place in school which displays achievements by students. From time to time it will show newspaper clippings, photographs, articles, etc.


The Newslink is a newsletter that is issued out to parents in October, Christmas, Easter and Summer. It contains news items and articles about all aspects of the school including sporting achievements, musical events, upcoming events, Principals’ matters etc. It acknowledges students’ achievements and their contribution to school life.


The Yearbook is published annually and is available for sale in May. It contains articles on events that have taken place throughout the school year. It acknowledges students achievements and displays some of their work in the form of book reviews, poems, articles etc. It also contains pictures of each student in the school along with pictures of the many events that have taken place during the year. Many of these events are also posted on the schools webpage throughout the year.

Each teacher is issued with a stamp, which contains a positive statement, which may be used twice a week with each class group.


Postcards are available through a designated member of Pastoral Care. These postcards are intended to acknowledge achievements of students. They will be signed by the Principal and will be sent to parents from time to time.

Student of the Term

Student of the Term will be nominated by the Tutor upon examination of his/her student’s journals. Other specific criteria for the selection of Student of the Term will also be used.


Assemblies will be seen as an opportunity to acknowledge the achievements of our students within the school community.

Student of the Year Awards

Student of the Year awards are a culmination of the students work and achievements. Specialist awards in subject departments, sports awards and student of the year awards for each year group are among the many offered to students at the end of each year.

Twitter/Facebook and school website

These are constantly update to  include students achievements and participation in school related activities.