Parent’s Information

Book Rental Scheme

Our School offers a book rental scheme to all pupils which greatly reduces the cost of books. These books are distributed by the school and each student is expected to take full responsibility for their books. In light of recent educational cuts the provision of the book rental scheme is based on the provision that all students pay the appropriate rental fee

School Calendar

School Uniform

The school uniform must be worn at all times: T-shirts or polo neck jumpers are not allowed to be visible. School uniform is only available from: Walshe’s Irish House, Main Street, Moate. Students who arrive in school out of uniform will not be admitted to class. Parents will be contacted and advised to bring in the uniform or collect their son/daughter from the school.

Boys: Shirt White Shirt Pants Navy (no denims or cord) Jumper Navy with school crest Shoes Black/Navy leather (non-slip soles) Jacket School jacket with school crest.

Girls: Shirt White Shirt Skirt Tartan. (Navy trousers) Jumper Navy with school crest Shoes Black/Navy leather (non-slip soles) Jacket School jacket with school crest.


In many instances parents will require transport for their children to attend Post Primary School. This will be provided by Bus Éireann. An application form should be completed on enrolment. A private bus service is available to students in the Ballycumber/Clara area. Details are available from the school. We offer transport to all extra curricular activities for a nominal fee.


Each student will be assigned a locker to store their books and equipment. Each student will be given a lock and a code and it is their responsibility to ensure that no one else knows the code. There is a charge of €20 for replacement locks.

Exam Supports

Extra Tuition/Revision Courses

Our School offers extra tuition/revision courses from time to time eg Easter Revision Course to help and assist students. These offer the students an excellent opportunity to avail of extra help in a particular subject. Students will be informed about the availability of all classes.

Mock Orals

In preparation for oral examinations our school may offer mock orals. The oral examination is a great opportunity to gain valuable marks and thus enhance the overall grade. We are delighted to be able to offer students the chance to practice their oral skills prior to an exam. Mock orals are organised in consultation with the language teachers.

School Admissions


Our school operates its own canteen. Food is prepared fresh in our kitchen each day. We offer wraps, rolls, soup, fresh fruit salad, yogurts, fruit and a wide variety of confectionery. All of our produce is on sale at a reasonable price and supports our Healthy Eating Policy.

Supervised Study

Supervised study is open to all students and is run in 2 centres in the school. There is a charge for each term and students must re-apply each term.


1. September – Halloween
2. Halloween – Christmas
3. New Year – St. Patrick’s Day 4. St. Patrick’s Day – Summer

Monday – Thursday: 3.55pm-6.00pm; Friday: 1:30pm-3:30pm.

Extended study is offered in the evenings 6.30-8.30pm and on Saturdays to 6th Years. Times are days vary depending on the time of the year.

Assessment Test

Our school conducts an assessment test in the weeks immediately following the open day:

• All applicants shall be obliged to sit for the school’s Assessment Test, which shall be held on a day, time and place determined by the school. A candidate who fails to sit for the test without good reason (as judged by the school) will put their admission at risk. The Board may decide to revoke an earlier decision to admit such a student and to offer the place to a student on the waiting list.

• The Assessment Test will be used to help the school identify whether a student has special educational needs and the results may be used as a basis for seeking additional teaching or other resources from the Department of Education and Science, in line with the school’s Special Educational Needs Policy.

• The Assessment Test guides the school in its assignment of students to certain classes.

Parent/Teacher meetings afford parents the opportunity to discuss with each teacher the progress of their student in a particular subject. Students in 3rd/6th Year may attend the meeting with their parents. Dates of the Parent/Teacher Meetings will be available on the school calendar. Parent teacher meetings are held in the School Gymnasium and when you arrive at the school you will be supplied with:

1. A map of the Gym indicating where each teacher is sitting. Teachers will be sitting alphabetically.
2. Your son/daughters journal will be collected the day of the PTM and you will be given this before you enter the gym.

In preparation for the Parent/Teacher Meeting:

1. Talk to your child about classes, subjects and any concerns you may have.
2. Get a written list of all of your son/daughters teachers indicating subject and level. 3. Consider what type of questions you may like to ask i.e. homework, behaviour, socialising, etc.

At the Parent/Teacher meeting:

1. Be direct/know what you want to say.
2. Each teacher has many parents to see, be considerate, be direct and don’t delay.
3. If you wish to discuss something sensitive make an appointment to see the teacher in question

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Homework is an essential part of learning and an important aspect of a student’s programme. Homework helps students to develop study skills and self-discipline. Homework, each evening, consists of the following:

• Revision of the work done in class earlier in the day.
• Completion of work started in class of written exercises prescribed.

• Research into topics that are being studied. It will rarely be valid for a student to say ‘I have no homework tonight’. Students must record their set homework in the School Journal. Parents must check their children’s Journal each evening. The Journal is a means of daily communication between school and home. The following time scales are given as a guide to students and parents:

Year Minimum Time Minimum Time Monday – Friday

Weekends First 11 ⁄2 – 2 hours 1 hour Second 2 – 21 ⁄2 hours 2 hours Third 21 ⁄2 – 3 hours 4 hours Transition Year 21 ⁄2 -3 hours 4 hours Fifth Year 3 – 4 hours 4 hours Sixth Year 3 – 5 hours 8 hours.


Punctuality is part of school training. Parents have a duty to see that their children arrive in school on time. However, a small percentage of offenders in this area take up staff time with constant monitoring and checking. Students who arrive late will be met by the Principal who will stamp their Journal, and must report to the office. The onus is on students who are late to sign in on the ‘Late Pass Book’ in the office. If no satisfactory explanation is offered in writing a sanction will be applied after the third or subsequent offence up to an including refusal of admission.