CSI Workshop

On the 29th of September and 1st of October, 48 Transition year students took part in the ‘CSI: The Experience’ workshop. The workshop which was delivered by retired Gardai Kieran O’Brien and Jim Gallagher, offered students a ‘behind the scenes’ introduction to forensic science.

The group analysed several types of evidence that can be collected at crime scenes. They examined the features of fingerprints and learned how trace evidence (fibres, glass and soil) can be used in investigations.

In the afternoon, the group put the theory into practice as they investigated a mock crime scene. The students were given a range of roles (first responders, forensic scientists, coroner and State Pathologist) to carry out. All groups worked together seamlessly to solve the crime!

All students thoroughly enjoyed the day as they learned how Science can be used to solve crimes by investigators.


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