1st Year Trip to Ericsson  

On the week of the 21st of January, 1st year students from Moate CS went to Ericsson in Athlone where they experienced first-hand a day in the life of a Software Engineer. Over the course of the week, the 1st years participated in a Hackathon where they learned all about coding. The group received tuition on HTML and CSS. With this knowledge, they created their own websites and presented them to a panel of judges. The talented staff of Ericsson were very informative and gave the group a thorough overview about Ericsson itself and where it stands in the technological and business world today. They learned a lot about software and got a full tour of the facility. The group thoroughly enjoyed the visit. Many thanks to Ericsson for an excellent well-structured programme which was of great benefit to all our 1st years.

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