Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is a systematic approach to education which seeks to value the young person at every level. It involves a holistic approach creating an environment which enriches the lives of our students and staff. The Pastoral Care co-ordinator is Ms. Aine Feeley . Ms. Feeley’s role is to ensure that the Team work together to ensure that both student and staff pastoral needs are met.

The Pastoral Team
The Pastoral Team will act as a resource within the school. It has a role in supporting all members of the school community. The team will encourage communication among those who are involved in this work.

The following are examples of what the team will be concerned with :

· They will provide and monitor materials that may be helpful in tutor class.

· The team will implement policy on areas such as bullying, pastoral care, drugs and alcohol education etc. These policies will be reviewed on a regular basis.

· The team will review strategies for dealing with students with difficulties. They will work in collaboration with the referral team.

· The team will record recent bereavements and sympathy cards will be sent out to families. The team will also organise an annual memorial mass in November..

· Postcards recognising student achievement will be processed through Pastoral Care

It is a programme which aims to provide a caring supportive school community allowing for the full development of the emerging adult, nurturing talents, fostering self worth and maximising potential.

The Committee works together as a team and identifies and deals with issues as they may arise in relation to student and staff Pastoral Care.

 Moate Community School trip to Lourdes

Aine Feely, Moate Community School Chaplain

Members of the Pastoral Care Team

Tom Lowry


Maura Murray

Deputy Principal

Carmel Mc Cormack

Deputy Principal

Aine Feeley

Pastoral Care Co ordinator

Marian Condron

Teacher representative

Josephine Meehan

Guidance Counsellor

Sara Kelly

Teacher representative

Naomi McCormack

Teacher representative/Guidance