In our computer class, Transition Year (TY) students are diving into a creative blend of music and coding. Armed with Micro:bits, they’re crafting electric guitars from cardboard, tape, crocodile clips, and tin foil. The genius lies in the simplicity: touch the tin foil which are connected to pin 1 or pin 2 on the Micro:bit, and press ‘Ground’ simultaneously, and voila—a chord rings out. 

Let’s break it down: Pins 1 and 2 on the Micro:bit act like keys on a musical keyboard. When a person holds a thin foil connected to these pins, they complete the circuit by pressing ‘Ground’! The result is the guitar plays chords – as it is instructed to do by our coders using the MakeCode programming language. This is not just about coding; it’s an interactive experience that fuses fun, teamwork, and creativity – well done to everyone!