El Camino to Santiago de Compostela

Three teachers and twelve students from Moate Community School decided to make the journey across to Sarria in Northern Spain in order to undertake a physically testing 115km walk over a period of five days.  What was at first anticipated to be a gruelling physical and mental challenge for all involved, turned out to be an unforgettable experience and one that no one will forget.

Trails meandered through a variety of terrain from hills, to the side of main roads, to foggy countrysides with stunning views, providing the perfect backdrop to what can be described as an unforgettable experience.

From tasting the local cuisine and delicacies ranging from Spanish omelette, to pig ears, to octopus. The days consisted of great conversations, singing bohemian rhapsody to word games before settling in for the night to do it all again the following day. Averaging 23km a day, the group finally made it to their final destination of Santiago de Compostela. Tired, feet dotted with blisters, the group felt an overwhelming sense of achievement of what they had accomplished, one that they will look back on with great pride. The group chained together, clasping their hands as one and felt overjoyed in front of the magnificent cathedral. They had completed their task with a few minor bumps along the way but will always recall the memories and scenery that were had on this overwhelming excursion.