Concern Debating Competition

A group of MCS debaters displayed an united front at 3 rounds of the Concern Debating Competition. Captain, Sive Brady and her team mates Alexandra Roache, Katie Molloy and John Peredo faced 3 motions, between 1st November and 20th January. With only 2 weeks to prepare for each motion they spent time researching their topics inside out so they could have the strongest argument possible and try predict what points their opponents might argue. Time was of the essence and once one debate was completed they quickly hopped to the next so they could display a strong performance for the judges. They showed excellent teamwork skills and were successful in two out of three debates. A fantastic achievement when discussing controversial topics such as “School strikes are an effective way of getting governments to act on Climate Change”, “The challenges to ending world hunger are insurmountable” and “It is simply wrong for billionaires like Bezos, Branson and Musk to ‘joyride’ to space with so many problems back on earth”. This year was more challenging than most as our debaters did not get the chance to debate in the same room as their competitors and also lacked encouragement from an audience as they debated through Zoom. However, MCS put on an excellent display and the team hope to participate again next year as a more seasoned team.