On Monday the 9th of January, Ms Buggy and Mr. Molloy’s TY Creative expression class took part in a videography and filmography workshop with Emmet Kelly. Emmet Kelly is an award-winning actor, writer and director based in Dublin and London. Recently he has picked up Best Actor in a leading role at The Eindhoven Film Festival. He met with the TY class first thing in the morning and worked all day with the class. Students started by taking short videos on their phones and Emmet corrected small mistakes and recommended ways in to improve. He taught also, the basic rules of recording video for film and how to make your phone camera appear higher quality.

We then set out to put these rules into practice by splitting into groups and making a short 30 second film. We had to create a simple plot and then decided how we would film it. We needed to figure out shots and angles and work out how to present it in a visually appealing and engaging style. With trial and error and occasional advice from Emmet, we began to understand what makes good, enjoyable cinema.

Then once we had grasped a basic understanding of acting, camera work, and direction we moved on to trying something a bit more challenging. As a class we were divided into separate roles such as directors, actors, camera operators, and set out to make a short film of a high standard. After getting familiar with the professional equipment and learning about the more technical aspects of film making such as lighting and sound, we began to shoot. We devised a story and spent the rest of the day recording scenes and redoing takes. We learned what makes a scene look good, how to light an area to make it look both bright and natural. We also learned how to move the camera between takes so that multiple takes could be spliced together without it feeling jarring and much more.

By the end of the day, we had learned so much and recorded for so long that we were very satisfied with the workshop. It was a valuable insight to the world of film production that we will undoubtedly be able to use in the future and may even be able to apply to possible careers. We are all incredibly grateful to Emmet and the valuable lessons he has taught us.


Reuben Guinan TY Creative Expression



Students learning the best way to use professional filming equipment


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