Wellbeing Week in MCS 2020

A busy week of activities took place in MCS as they celebrated their annual Wellbeing Week recently. An array of events were held with the clear purpose of promoting a positive wellbeing message to the student body.

As well as the teaching of wellbeing topics in the classroom, healthy eating and exercise were encouraged. All fruit salad and homemade soup were on offer in our school canteen and free protein yoghurts and ‘YoHos’, compliments of Glenisk, were enjoyed. Morning exercise classes were offered on two mornings before school with students braving the cold winter’s morning to get in for half past seven! Free breakfast was served after in the canteen to equip the students for their day of classes ahead. Another physical exercise promotion were the class walks during tutor times on our nearby Greenway.

Our sixth year students were given a well-earned break from mock preparation and enjoyed the opportunity to complete Yoga and Mindfulness classes with the qualified yoga instructor Mary Fitzsimons. This was a welcomed opportunity for the students to relax and clear their minds.

Our first years, transition years and fifth years were treated to a drama performance in Tuar Ard from ‘Humourfit’. These sessions covered various topics including bullying, road safety and alcohol awareness. Students were given insights into these topics in an interesting and fun way while delving into the deeper meaning of the issues involved.

Last term many of the 5th and 6th year students received an informative talk from the Marie Keating Foundation on Cancer Awareness. This was followed up this week with a Breast Cancer Awareness talk for all TY girls.

On the last day of Wellbeing Week our first, third and TY students attended a mini-concert performed by the talented singer ‘Kalpee’. The singer, from Trinidad and Tabago, also took the opportunity to speak about the importance of good mental health, which he learned the value of from an unfortunate car accident.

The week finished on a high as students were awarded no homework for the weekend, a clear influence on our student’s wellbeing!