Moate Community School students Receive Pope John Paul II Award

On the 21st October seventeen Fifth Year students in Moate Community School received the Pope John Paul II Award. After completing community and parish volunteer work throughout Transition Year, all roads led to St Mel’s Cathedral, Longford to attend the awards ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by the Pope John Paul II Awards Committee and Bishop Francis Duffy presented the awards and certificates.

Our own student, Annalise Peredo gave a thoughtful reflection on her experience of completing the award and what she gained from it. After the presentation of medals all students and their families were invited to have refreshments in the underground crypt of St. Mel’s Cathedral.

The Gold, Silver and Bronze award are given based on the number of hours of work the student completed in the course of the year. The students partook in various community activities including weekly visits to the nursing home and working in Dun Na Si’s sensory garden with young adults from St Hilda’s school. Students were also required to complete parish involvement with many being Minister of the Eucharist, member of the parish choir or helping to maintain the church. A number of students assisted second class pupils from a neighbouring primary school in preparation for their First Holy Communion. The award allowed students move outside of their comfort zone and get actively involved in their parish and community.

The participants would like to give a big “thank you” to Bishop Duffy, the Awards Committee, and St. Mel’s Cathedral for organising a wonderful event and to Ms Prendergast and Ms Feeley for giving us the opportunity and support to complete the award.