December has been a busy month for our Iontas Choir


22 members of Iontas Choir travelled to Dublin on Dec 4th to sing at the National Missing persons Day held in Kings Inn.

The choir had been invited to sing at this event by the Department of Justice. Present at the event were the Garda Commissioner, Drew Harris and the Minister of state, David Stanton.

It was an honour and privilege for the choir to perform at this National event. One of the songs performed was “Bring Him Home” during a slideshow of photos of missing people.  The Irish Times described their performance as a” beautiful and haunting rendition of a poignant song”

On Dec 8th, the choir performed with Athlone Choral Society in St Marys Church of Ireland. The choir performed four pieces on their own and then two with the Choral Society. The choir were delighted to be invited to perform at this event.