Celebrating Science Week 2021 in Moate Community School

This year Science Week took place from 8th to 12th Nov. A number of activities were organised by the enthusiastic and energetic MCS Science department to encourage our young people to be fascinated by the world we live in.

Trips to Birr Castle Observatories

Second Year Class groups were brought to Birr Castle Demesne. They were given a tour of the magnificent historic Great Leviathon Observatory and the modern Irish Low Frequency Array Radio (I-LOFAR) Telescope. Following this, they went indoors for a space workshop, focussing on discoveries in space, advances in technology, how objects in space affect each other, and much more.

Online talks on Careers in Science

Transition Year Students were presented with a couple of online talks on Careers in Science and Technology. Women in Technology and Science organised by BIAS Inequality in Women’s Health Research was a very informative and interesting series of speakers including the history of women medicine and their important role in Medicine, careers in Midwifery, Medical Laboratory Science, Data Handling and Protection. Ailbhe Ryan and Sean Dempsey, Queens University Belfast, presented the many opportunities available in Ireland in Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Cyber Security and much more.

First Year Poster Competition

The theme for the First Year Poster Competition was Climate Action. There was a high standard of creativity among the many posters submitted, proving difficult to choose a winner. Well done to the winners in Class Pearl, Avril Flynn, Roisin Naughton and Lena Zydek, and in Class Sapphire Katie Creggy, Muireann Lowry and Liam Howlin.

Second Year Table Quizzes

TY students facilitated Table Quizzes with Second Year students in their Science classes, and the Final taking place at lunch time on the 16th. Questions tested the students’ knowledge of the Junior Cert Science, as well as general Science, for example, ‘What did John Loggie Baird first invent in 1926?’ Congratulations to the winners of the Final Quiz, Declan Molloy, Fionn Campbell and Eoin Higgins.

Fun Demos with First Years

Transition Year students Aoife Guinan, Alannah Dowd and Tarragh Kearney O’Donnell did a tour of First Year Science classes with their fun Science experiments. The TYs took over the classes passing on their understanding of The Iodine Snake, the properties of Dry Ice and the chemical kinetics of the Iodine Clock Reaction. The first-year students were highly engaged and enjoyed having the TYs in their teacher’s place.



Daily Science Question & Fun Fact

Each day, there was a Daily Science Question posted on the Plasma Screen, any student could submit their answer. One such question was How many people have walked on the moon so far?  A Fun Fact was also posted, for example, Did you know we can only taste flavours if we have saliva in our mouth?

Senior Science Quizzes

The Senior Cycle Science Teachers held quizzes during their Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics Classes, with questions based on their relevant subject area. Congratulations to the winners in their respective classes Ethan Ross (Physics & Chemistry), Cliona McCormack (Biology), Seán Keenaghan (Biology), Niamh Collins (Ag Science), Lucy Egan (Ag Science) and Brandon White (Biology).