Archeology Big dig workshop
On Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th January, all our Junior Cycle History students were treated to an Archaeological Dig workshop conducted by a team of archaeologists from the School of Irish Archaeology (SIA).  The students received a brilliant active learning experience, delving into Viking Ireland. Scraping, brushing, digging and discovering a variety of archaeological riches enabled the students to see for themselves both the work of the archaeologist and what daily life was like in Celtic Ireland.
Our students really embraced the experience and enthusiastically rolled up their sleeves, hunkered down on the knee pads and busied themselves.  Mark from S.I.A. complimented our students on their knowledge, behaviour and dedication to the job!
Many thanks to the History Department for organising and perhaps it will encourage some of our students onto a future career pathway of archaeology / anthropology or indeed forensics!