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The Formal Curriculum

First Year:

A system of Subject Sampling is in operation for First Year Students.

This applies to:

Core Subjects – Studied for full year
Tasted Subjects (16 weeks each)

Irish, English Maths








Business Studies




Technical Graphics



Home Economics

Students study all subjects in the core section all year and each subject in the ‘Tasted Section' for half the school year on a rotational basis.

*What is SPHE?

Social, personal and health education, as part of the curriculum, supports the personal development, health and well being of young people and helps them create and maintain supportive relationships. 

Taster Programme

A taster programme is in place prior to students entering the school to give students an opportunity to select their language choice. The taster programme also allows students to taste other subjects including physical education IT, Science, etc as well as facilitating the transition from Primary to Secondary School. The taster programme takes place between January – April each year.

2 nd / 3 rd Year:

At the end of first year students decide on their subjects for Junior Certificate. All students study the following examination subjects:

Irish English Maths History Geography,

Religion CSPE

as well as four other subjects of their choice. They also study PE, SPHE and Computer Studies. All subjects are offered at Higher and Ordinary level. At the end of 3 rd Year students sit their Junior Certificate Examinations. A certificate listing student's grades will be issued by the Department of Education & Science .

Senior Options: After Junior Certificate students have the option of doing a two/three year Leaving Certificate cycle.

Transition Year : Transition Year is a year between Junior Certificate and the beginning of Leaving Certificate. Moate Community School has designed its own Transition Year Programme to meet the needs of its own students. One of the chief benefits of TY is that students can sample various subjects and have the opportunity to grow and mature.


  • one extra year of maturing before making Leaving Certificate subject choices
  • 40% of Leaving Certificate syllabus covered
  • Statistics show that students who do Transition year will achieve higher Leaving Certificate points.
  • Opportunity to experience wider range of subjects.
  • Develops critical thinking and independent learning skills.
  • Prepares students for life and the world of work
  • Greater participation in extra curricular activities.
  • Greater opportunity to develop creativity, initiative and leadership .

Leaving Certificate/ Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme.

Leaving Certificate: After Junior Certificate/Transition Year students study a 2 year Leaving Certificate Course. Students study Irish, English, and Maths together with four other examination subjects of their choice.

Subjects on offer: Home Economics, History, Geography, Ag. Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Art, Music, Engineering, Business, Construction Studies, Technical Drawing, French/Spanish, Accounting, Religion.

All subjects are offered at Higher/Ordinary level.

Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme : Students taking certain combinations of subjects are LCVP students. This programme allows the students to have project work together with work experience recognised as a subject. It is a considerable advantage to have project work carried out during school time accepted as an examination subject, which qualifies for points.

Students choose any 2 subjects from the combinations listed

The subjects which qualify a student for LCVP are: 

Specialist Groupings:

  • Construction Studies or Engineering or Technical Drawing
  • Physics and Construction Studies or Engineering.
  • Agricultural Science and Construction Studies or Engineering
  • Agricultural Science and Chemistry or Physics
  • Home Economics and Agricultural Science or Biology
  • Home Economics and Art
  • Accounting or Business or Economics (any two)
  • Physics and Chemistry
  • Biology and Chemistry or Physics.

Services Groupings

  • Engineering and Business or Accounting or Economics
  • Construction Studies and Business or Accounting or Economics.
  • Home Economics and Business or Accounting or Economics
  • Agricultural Science and Business or Accounting or Economics
  • Art and Business or Accounting or Economics
  • Music and Business or Accounting or Economics.

The student of course takes Irish, English, Maths and two further subjects as usual. There is no difference for LCVP students and ordinary LC students.

Three additional short courses or modules are done by LCVP students.

They are:

  1. Enterprise Education
  2. Preparation for Work
  3. Work Experience.

The modules are examined by portfolio (60%) and examination (40%).

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