Moate TY students submit their Sensory Garden project to the Young Environmentalists Awards

A group of MCS TY students have been actively involved in the continuous development of the Sensory Garden at Dún Na Sí Amenity and Heritage Park in Moate. The students enjoy garden weeding, pruning and tidying during favourable weather condition. They also plan, design and work on ongoing features specifically to stimulate the five senses; sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. These features include The Water Feature, The Butterfly Garden and the main feature of this year is The Meandering Sensory Path.

The students are focusing on Biodiversity in the garden. They have put the garden on the map with and are recording the various plants and insects they find in the garden. Thus, they are learning about the importance of pollinators and their food sources and the vital role they play in our environment. Caren Curethers, Dún Na Sí, is helping the students with this activity.

Some of the students are designing signage to highlight the location of Sensory Garden in other areas of the park. They are also working on a sign outlining a map of the garden.

The TY students involved in this project are Matthew Hogg, Liam Kerr, Lousie Fagan, Sharon Seerey, Darina Hanevy, Gerard Fallon, Eoghan Raleigh, Oisin Egan, Rachael McCann and Niamh Collins.  They meet with the from St Hilda’s service users each Friday either in Tuar Árd or in the garden to work on their tasks.  The students thoroughly enjoy their activities and are making a very important contribution in the Moate Community. Ms Margaret Mandal (MCS) coordinates the Sensory Garden project.

The students are submitting evidence of their project to the ECO- UNESCO Young Environmentalists Awards on 14th February. These awards recognise the contribution of young people who are making a difference in their environment.

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