Moate TY students attend Computer Science workshops at AIT

By James Daly

Moate CS TY students James Daly, Ethan Ross and Patryk Wojczyk have been attending the coding and computer science workshops ‘Code4TY’ at the Athlone IT, organised by Enda Fallon, head of Engineering and Paul Mulvey, semi-retired lecturer at the AIT.

The workshops take place every Monday from 10:00 – 13:00 in the Engineering Building at the AIT.  Paul Mulvey is teaches how to code and the basics of Computer Science. At the moment, the students are beginning the construction of a mini computer which has the capability to measure temperature, light levels, carry out tasks given to it and much more!

The course is designed to teach the basics of coding and how to solve problems using computers. These computers can be used in projects such as Scifest, Mini Company, CANSAT and BT Young Scientists. Moate CS offers classes in Computer Science in 5th and 6th year being one of the first 60 schools to be chosen and will be introduced to many more schools nationwide in the coming years. The students hope to continue with computer science in 5th year and hope that these STEM(Science Technology Engineering and Maths) workshops will give them a head start in the world of computers.

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