MCS Gaisce Venture 2019

On the weekend of October 18th and 19th twenty nine of our fifth year students embarked on the final component of their Bronze President Award. This entailed a one night stay at Birr Outdoor Education Centre and a 25km hike in the Slieve Bloom Mountains which was completed over two days. The first day of hiking presented a big challenge for the students as the terrain was fairly beaten up after the rain that fell in the days and weeks prior to the event.  Yanni, the centre’s outdoor team leader with his colleagues Lorraine and Marty guided the students on the hike. Students were literally bogged down in marshy ground and returned to the centre soaking wet and cold. Fortunately for them Bill, the centre’s chef had cooked a hearty chicken curry, a lovely meal to warm the students up in preparation for team-building games outside later that evening. The rest of the night afforded students ample time to rejuvenate in preparation for second day of hiking.

On day two the guides, Marty and Eamon took the students on a more manageable and kinder hike to complete their awards.

Gaisce meaning great ‘feat’ awards students who commit to contributing to the local community. It promotes physical and mental well-being and actively encourages students to develop a new skill. At Moate Community School students who complete these three elements of the award will then sign up with their President (Gaisce) Award Leaders Josephine Meehan and Eoin Manning to complete the final part of the award, the adventure. This is traditionally done in conjunction with Birr Outdoor Education Centre. In conclusion, the students would like to thank Mary and Deirdre in the office for facilitating the adventure, Bill for the wonderful home-cooked meals and the guides whose job it was to plan the hikes for our students in the mountains. Even though they were tired and weary upon return there were no regrets and thus, students will look forward to receiving their bronze Gaisce awards at the school’s annual awards night in May 2020.

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