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Green Schools

Our Green Schools Committee meets each week to discuss problematic areas in our school based on the following environmental themes:
Waste and Recycling:
We received our Waste and Recycling flag in 2009. To maintain our flag we are ensuring that our litter black spots remain litter free and that our recycling collection of paper and plastic bottles remains part of our weekly agenda.
Energy Conservation:
In 2011, after working for two years on the theme of Energy Conservation, we were awarded our second green flag. To achieve this flag we needed to raise awareness throughout our school on how to conserve energy both at home and in our school environment.  To maintain our high level of energy conservation we continue to carry out regular spot checks within the school. This is to ensure that all teachers and students continue to abide by our ‘Energy Saving Checklist’ which is present in all classrooms.
Water Conservation:
We are currently working towards our third green flag which is based on the theme of Water Conservation. Our first step after researching the levels of water used in our school was to create our ‘Top Ten Tap Tips’ which are available to you through our school website.  We are continuing to work towards creating awareness to students in our school on this theme in the hope that these methods of conservation will be put to good use in their home also.
As a committee it is important that we maintain the two flags that have already been awarded as well as working towards achieving the Water Conservation flag.  Through the work of our committee we hope that we raise enough awareness so that fellow students bring these environmental conservation methods home.
We wish to thank you for your ongoing support and co-operation in our tasks.

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Where it all began

The first green schools committee was formed in 2006. It has been on-going since then. The Committee was initially formed in conjunction with the Geography Department and The Young Environmentalist Awards. The committee consists of on average 20 students from all year groups. We meet on a weekly/fortnightly basis where we discuss our progress and our yearly targets .

Between 2006 and 2008, we focussed on the area of litter reduction and recycling. We achieved Green Flag status in May 2008. There are only approximately 5 secondary schools in the Westmeath area with the Green flag.

Some of the Improvements implemented since our formation in 2006

  • 3 types of bin in every classroom (general waste, paper and bottles)
  • Recycling of Mobile Phones (Jack and Jill Foundation) and ink Cartridges
  • Green schools notice board
  • Publications in “News-links”
  • Signage
  • Compost bin
  • Highlighting black spot areas
  • Recording data on collections of paper/bottles
  • Action days
  • Link with tidy towns committee
  • Surveys, Memos
  • General Environmental awareness
  • Recycling Week






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