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Mission Statement

“Our school is characterised by an atmosphere of respect. This is at the heart of our school ethos. Respect manifests itself in our attitude towards one another in the school, in the community and in the environment in which we live and work. We endeavour to help each individual reach his/her full potential by promoting the formation of the whole person. We provide an education which empowers young men and women to put their Christian beliefs and values into practice. As a Community School we strive to provide an educational environment which serves the needs and aspirations of the entire local community.”

‘Ní neart go cur le chéile’

Maura Murray Kevin Duffy Tom Lowry
Deputy Principal Principal Deputy Principal

School History

Moate Community School was established on the 1st September 1996 as a result of an amalgamation between Convent of Mercy Secondary School, Carmelite College and Moate Vocational School.
At present the school has an enrolment of approximately 1020 pupils and has a teaching staff of 72 teachers. An extensive building project was completed in December 2001.
The purpose of MCS is to nurture the intellectual, moral, social and physical development of young people, thus enabling them to contribute more fully towards the betterment of society.
Educational research in the field of school effectiveness and school improvement suggests that the capacity of school to attain these objectives is largely dependant on the environment or culture that prevails therein.
Furthermore, research suggests that the most effective schools are those which work at building a sense of community for all pupils. This sense of community is fostered through providing care, developing relationships, creating common purpose and fostering a sense of attachment among young people to something greater than themselves.

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Vision Statement for Moate Community School

We,the Trustees of Moate Community School, envisage a school based on a Christian community of Faith, providing a secure environment for learning and teaching, which is conducive to the holistic development of the whole school community. The ambience will be open, supportive and welcoming, where students, teachers and support staff feel a sense of belonging, and parents are active partners in the education of their children.

Trustee Goals

We, the Trustees of Moate Community School, endorse, support and entrust this clear Vision Statement to the Board of Management and we fully support the process undertaken by the Principal and staff in their efforts to create a School Plan involving all the partners in the school.

Board Of Management Goals

We the Board of Management, will make ourselves at all times to manage all the resources of the school so that we can help the school community reach the goals outlined by the Trustees in the Vision Statement. We will support the Principal and all the partners in the development of the School Plan. We will endeavour to adjust courses and training programmes to meet the ever changing demands of the work place.


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