Music Department Plan

Music Department – The Music department provides a comprehensive Musical education at both Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle.

Music Personnel

The department has a staff of four full-time teachers who possess extensive expertise and experience. A number of staff members have been involved in in-career development and teaching workshops. Each department has a dedicated subject co-ordinator. Regular meetings take place exploring ways of promoting and developing Music within the school.

Music at Junior Level

  To facilitate the development of performance skills at an appropriate level by providing opportunity for the regular practice of vocal and/or instrumental Music.

  • To develop aural perception in its broadest sense and to foster an awareness and an appreciation of the Music of the past and of the present and of its role in our own and other environments.
  • To provide sufficient Musical experience and factual information to enable students to develop and practice listening and composing skills with greater understanding and interest.
  • To support performing skills with a more informed awareness of the related and necessary underlying facts.

  Musicat Senior Level

 Knowledge and understanding

To provide sufficient Musical knowledge and understanding to enable students to practice listening and composing with greater proficiency and interest.

  • To support performing skills with a more informed awareness of the related and necessary knowledge and understanding.
  • To develop an understanding of how Music contributes to the social, historical, technological, economic and cultural aspects of life.



  • To provide opportunity for the regular practice and development of individual and/or group performing and composing skills at an appropriate level consistent with individual differences, needs and interests.
  • To encourage students to listen purposefully to a wide variety of Musical styles and genres including Music from the past and present and from our own and other environments and to articulate their perceptions in a Musically literate manner.




  • To foster an appreciation of the cultural and expressive qualities of Music.
  • To value through participation Musical creativity and the social sharing of Music.
  • To encourage the enjoyment of Music through listening to recorded and live Musical events.
  • To cultivate an awareness of and tolerance for the artistic views of others.
  • To develop an awareness of the economic and vocational value of Music.
  • To encourage excellence in a variety of Musical activities.

Music Resources

  The Music department has resources which include:

  • Music rooms, pianos/klavanova, Music stands, choir steps, Lined-boards, interactive whiteboard, whiteboards and data projectors, TV and DVD players, Music systems, CDs, books, scores and online resources, charts and the computer programme ‘Sibelius 4’.


Music Department Activities

Music education plays a major role in this school’s curriculum. All major events in the academic year seem to incorporate a slot for Musical inclusion and we try to expose students to areas wither to unknown and perhaps pose a challenge to them.

  • Liturgical celebrations


  • Practical work – guitar, flute, violin, piano and singing lessons


  • External workshops – Samba drumming, Barbershop workshop, Jazz workshop


  • Musicals


  • Seachtain na Gaeilge


  • Christmas Carol Singing


  • Talent Competitions


  • Traditional Group playing


  • Choral and Chamber Singing


  • Royal Irish Academy Examinations


**Note -This department plan is only a basic introduction to each department. A detailed version is kept on record in the staffroom.


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