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IT Department

The IT department provides a comprehensive Information Technology curriculum at both Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle, including ECDL offered to transition year students.

 IT Personnel

The department has a staff of five full-time teachers who possess extensive expertise and experience. A number of staff members have been involved in in-career development and teaching workshops. The department has a dedicated subject co-ordinator. Regular meetings take place exploring ways of promoting and developing IT within the school, and in recent years the numbers taking ECDL examinations has grown significantly.

 IT at Junior Level

The course explores:

  • Information, Communication Technology Theory.
  • Word Processing
  • Introduction to Spreadsheets.
  • Introduction to presentations.
  • Introduction to databases.

  IT at Senior Level

The course explores:

  • ECDL certificate examinations for Transition Year students.


    • Module 1 – Theory
    • Module 2 – File management
    • Module 3 – Word Processing
    • Module 4 – Presentations
    • Module 5 – Databases
    • Module 6 – Presentations
    • Module 7 – Web browsing, email & communications.
  • Use of word processing in design of Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme portfolio.

IT Facilities

The IT department has facilities, which include 2 fully equipped computer labs with 30 personal computers with internet connection, video, overhead projection, notice boards, white boards and data projectors.
The computer labs are designed with posters and students work, which should reflect the subject area. The resources and equipment of the department facilitate the use of a wide variety of teaching methodologies.

IT Department Activities

We as a department try to raise the awareness of IT by hosting various activities that encourage student participation and active learning. These activities include:

  • ECDL certificate examinations.
  • Open Access to computer room during lunch time on Fridays to allow students access to computer facilities for completion of school work.


**Note -This department plan is only a basic introduction to each department. A detailed version is kept on record in the staffroom.


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