Moate Community School Geography Plan



Geography Department:

The Geography Department provides a comprehensive Curriculum at both Junior and Senior Cycle.

Geography Personnel:

A number of staff members have been involved in extensive in-career development. The department has a subject co-ordinator and regular meetings take place to promote the development of the subject within the school.

Junior Cycle Geography:

 The course explores:

  The exploration and understanding of the physical environment around us including rivers, seas, the atmosphere and climates

  • The development of an understanding of how our physical and human environment changes over time due to human interaction.
  • The conservation of the Earths resource.
  • Active citizenship and the appreciation of the varied peoples and cultures of the world.
  • Development of a variety of skills that can be applied to many different activities outside of the study of Geography e.g. map reading and graphic analysis

 Senior Cycle Geography:

 Aims Include:

  To explore our physical environment in more detail and to examine how humans interact with it.

  • To research contrasting Irish, European and Continental/Sub Continental Regions
  • To examine how our interaction and interdependence with each other has created a global but often unequal economy.
  • To develop an understanding of the natural and human influences on soils and a biome.
  • To develop a variety of geographical skills which can be applied to the world of work and to many other aspects of life.

Geography Facilities:

 The geography department has a wide variety of facilities available. Each teacher has their own classroom, which is equipped with data projectors, DVD players, notice boards, white boards and Internet access. Rooms reflect the subject area with displays of maps, posters and students work. Resources and equipment facilitate a wide variety of teaching methodologies used.

Department Activities:

 As a department one of the most important and enjoyable activities that take place is the Leaving Cert Field Trip. While the fieldwork module is worth 20% of the Leaving cert exam its importance is also in the opportunity that students have to apply knowledge and skills learned and to work as a team in a comfortable environment.








**Note -This department plan is only a basic introduction to each department. A detailed version is kept on record in the staffroom.


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