Moate Community School English Subject Plan

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English Department – The English Department facilitates the creation of a student body competent in the fundamental skills of language usage. This is the basis of achieving success at both Junior and Leaving Certificate level.


English Personnel

The department has a staff of nine teachers, all highly qualified, who have a deep appreciation and admiration for the language and its literature. These qualities are the essence of a creative, productive and enthusiastic classroom. A number of staff members have been involved in in–service training and workshops, which is vital to up – skilling and introducing new ideas and innovations to the English classroom. The department has a dedicated and rotated subject co–ordinator each year. Regular departmental meetings take place and this provides an opportunity for the English teachers to explore ways of promoting and developing the subject throughout the entire school community.

 Junior Cycle English

 The course investigates seven key aspects of literacy and literature:

  • Reading
  • Personal Writing
  • Functional Writing
  • Media Studies
  • Drama
  • Fiction
  • Poetry

 We aim to:

  • Prepare students for Junior Cert. English and to complete the required topics.
  • To develop in the students the three domains of reading, writing and listening.
  • To enhance analytical skills.
  • To contribute to the general education of the individuals and to help create a greater understanding of the world they live in.
  • To adhere to the guidelines and prescriptions of the Department of Education syllabus.

  Leaving Cycle English

 The course incorporates:

  • An in depth study of a single text (A Shakespearean text for Higher Level students) with an emphasis on character development, thematic issues, language styles and symbolism/imagery.
  • A Comparative Study, which varies from year to year in conjunction with Department guidelines.
  • A study of prescribed poetry, as per Department guidelines, and unseen poetry.
  • Examination and appreciation of the fives styles of language, which are key to the Department of Education L.C. syllabus. (Language of Information, Language of Argument, Language of Persuasion, Language of Narration and the Aesthetic use of Language).
  • Preparation for composing and comprehending tasks set in Paper 1 of the exam.

 We aim to:

  • Provide continuity and progression from the Junior Cert. and Transition Year programmes.
  • To encourage students to think critically for themselves as growing individuals in a complex world.
  • To create awareness of various styles of literature.
  • To prepare the individual student for the Leaving Cert. and to cover all relevant topics.
  • To adhere to the guidelines and prescriptions of the Department of Education syllabus.




English Facilities

 The English Department has a range of extensive facilities, with each teacher based in their own classroom. These facilities include personal computers with access to internet and data projectors for the use of power point presentations and relevant literary audio and visual texts. Whiteboards, overhead projectors, notice boards and an extensive library with material relating to the subject is available to each teacher. The English teachers’ classrooms all reflect the subject with prominent displays of students project work very much in evidence. The resources and equipment of the department facilitate a wide variety of teaching methodologies.

English Department Activities

As a department, we continually strive to raise awareness of the subject within the school community by immersing our students in the subject through various approaches and activities. These include:

    • Class based projects which allow students to work together and independently, investigating a variety of literary topics.
    • Regular theatre visits to facilitate further study of prescribed texts.
    • The Annual Niall Hughes Poetry Competition, which rewards the creative poetic talents of our student body.
    • Promotion of World Book Day.
    • Local library visits on a regular basis to instill a love of reading and to begin a lifelong habit.
    • TY students gain journalistic experience as official school reporters at extra – curricular events.

**Note -This department plan is only a basic introduction to each department. A detailed version is kept on record in the staffroom.


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