Moate Community School Business Department Plan


Business Department- The Business department provides a comprehensive Business Studies curriculum at both Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle.

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Business Personnel

The department has a staff of five full-time teachers who possess extensive expertise and experience. A number of staff members have been involved in in-career development and teaching workshops. Each department has a dedicated subject co-ordinator. Regular meetings take place exploring ways of promoting and developing the business subjects within the school, and in recent years the numbers opting for the business route has grown significantly.

Junior Cycle Business Studies
The course explores:

  • The different aspects of managing a household including budgeting, banking and consumer rights.
  • The management of a business under headings of finance, insurance and marketing.
  • The impact of the government and foreign trade on business and the household is analysed.
  • The recording and interpretation of financial data.

Businessat Senior Level

  • This subject provides an understanding of the environment in which business operates by:
  • Analysing the relationship between the stakeholders in business and the resolution of conflict.
  • Providing an insight into enterprise and management
  • Examining the development of a new good or service from concept development to commercialisation
  • Explaining the changing role of management
  • Exploring the organisation of business both domestically and intentionally

    Accounting at Senior Level
  • The recording, presentation and interpretation of financial information.
  • The preparation of Business Final Accounts, Cash Flow Statements, Published Accounts and Accounts from Incomplete Records.
  • The role of Management Accounting is examined.
  • The preparation of accounts for non-profit making organisations.
  • The analysis of financial records.

Business Facilities
The Business Department has facilities, which include personal computers with internet connection, video, overhead projection, notice boards, white boards and data projectors.
All teachers in the business department have rooms with posters and students work, which should reflect the subject area. The resources and equipment of the department facilitate the use of a wide variety of teaching methodologies. The schools computers department is used as a teaching resource for spreadsheets, Information Communication Technology and fantasy shares.

Department Activities We as a department try to raise the awareness of business by hosting various activities that encourage student participation and active learning. These activities include:

  • Mini company projects providing students with practical enterprise experience
  • Business simulations
  • Business Awareness Weeks informing students and the wider school community on topical business issues.

**Note -This department plan is only a basic introduction to each department. A detailed version is kept on record in the staffroom.


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